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We do shops. Completely.

With 12yrs of experience Poland-based company is now successfully trading on UK market for over a year.

Offering uncompromising quality of our work and complete service of shopfitting we can make your store a best-seller!

We are keen to take any project ? no matter whether is an existing shop which need a general refurbishment or converting empty space into modern supermarket.


Store Booster provides a range of modern software solutions for shops and restaurants.

Our software will let you fully control your business and lead you to success!

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Allows quick search for best and worst selling products

Check the status of accounts with suppliers and customers: the number of unpaid invoices and amount of outstanding payments.

Check current cash level: you can find out at any time how much money should be in the cash drawer

Prepare orders without visiting the shelves: just specify the number of days for which selected stock is to suffice, and the software will automatically pick goods to re-order from suppliers

Save time and effort while stocktaking: the software supports portable terminals (PDA), so stocktaking takes less time. The terminals can also be used for accepting deliveries.

Print shelf and product labels quickly: you can design unique labels for your store. The software will automatically print them out for all new items on delivery.

Save time required for imputing delivery documents: your supplier can provide them online to you

Encourage customers to frequent purchases: the Loyalty System means customers visiting your store more often to earn prizes for loyalty points

PC-POS 7 has a friendly and intuitive user interface. Particular emphasis was placed on the functionality working on touchscreen terminals and ease of use. The cashier quickly learns how to effectively sell

PC-POS 7 has the ability to adapt the interface to grocery stores, industrial and catering facilities – we can decide for themselves the appearance of the cashier screen and the available

PC-POS 7 provides data security through the local database synchronization system and database for server. The program at the time of the loss of connection to the database server, it automatically switches to work on a local basis, and once connection to send the data

PC-POS 7 can be configured remotely or locally – we can from one place, with back-shop or from any cash position, set the selected Cash position (eg add buttons a quick sale.)

PC-Gastronom – is a program for Foodservice and catering
PC-Gastronom – it’s intuitive and easy to use interface cashier and waiter
PC-Gastronom – in conjunction with PC-7 and Console Market Dealer is a comprehensive system for the management of restaurant and catering branch network

Panels quick sale – significantly speed up the selection of goods, will Instant access to a select group of products.

Will get control over your servers – on a PC system -Market 7 real-time look at the waiter and check transactions, which has a turnover of how many clients handled, how much cash should be in the desk as payment cards, receipts, bills as much as reversed positions and canceled receipts

Work of many waiters and bartenders in one environment – the system can operate multiple cashiers, and each of them can be opened simultaneously on several accounts. The servers can be moved between the funds – the system will remember the cashier and the accounting for only assigns his transactions. The waiter did not choose the mate receipt because you can only see after logging their receipts
Will lock the money at a time when not in use – you can be sure that no unauthorized person can not access the cash position by way of a session lock



of making your perfect store

During years of making store’s furniture and fitting it in empty spaces we have learned how to make it better and quicker.

Every time our 4 steps process is run by Project Manager who carefully keeps an eye on details just to make your dream come true without any hassle.


Store plan
3D visualisation



shelves, furniture
& refrigerators



& IT devices



Fitting signboard


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